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Oh yeah!! I saw the fb post for it just now!! :3 It looks fun!

I’m still a little sceptical considering the development obviously started around the end of Chroma alpha test (later than DCS I assume) on top of how the PR mentioned in GAF it’s a very small budget project and the trailer was done within 24 hours.

But bullet hell + Harmonix soundtrack = ;v;

Caught surprised by Harmonix’s new non music game, but glad to see they are finally releasing something on Steam^^

Probably gonna preorder deluxe version for the soundtrack

Edit: Preordered;v;

Watched the first PAX Rumble last week and instantly fell in love with this whole bunch of real life dorks;v;

All the name calling and swearing and backstage dramas;v;
And bottles;v;

"Dancing dorks at Harmonix";v;

Can’t wait for the coming stream

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*the science of ships

Ships are fun as long as they don’t lead to naval battles within a fandom. Besides, it’s a good challenge to create stories between a pairing without distorting the characters’ personalities too much.

Hungry ghost month? That sounds interesting!! Do you ward off the bad spirits during this time?

The elders believe it’s the month when the Hell gate is opened to allow the tormented souls to take a short visit back to our world.

Because we couldn’t differentiate between the bad one and the unfortunate one and because our ancestors may be among them so instead we prepare food and burn paper made money and goods for them.

Though as far as I know this tradition varies depending on the geographical locations and the origin (or rather ‘dialect group’).

To be honest, some of us don’t like this tradition because it’s costly and causes air pollution

Just curious, do you ship the twins with anyone else? Or just Oblio?

To be really honest, I couldn’t find a perfect otp for them because there wasn’t enough canon I can exploit.

It just so happened I saw some arts involving Oblio and thought okay, since I have no better candidate (after applying some filters eg age, personalities). Before someone pushed me anyway.

TLDR; be kind to me and brainwash me /hit

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i love you so much nnngghhhh SO MUCH XD


Too busy


Princess hug.

Princess hug.


240MSPに値しないけど_(:3 」∠)_

I guess as long as I don&#8217;t tag it it can stay here too&#8230;



240MSPに値しないけど_(:3 」∠)_

I guess as long as I don’t tag it it can stay here too…